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'This person is conveying a can, you are conveying a firearm,' SA representative Lesiba Machaba told an Israeli solider on the West Bank. 

A video of South African ambassador, Lesiba Machaba, has circulated around the web on Instagram after he heatedly faced an Israeli solider who was attempting to prevent Palestinian ranchers from collecting olives. 

"This person is conveying a container, you are conveying a firearm," Machaba called attention to a just endeavored warrior to keep Palestinian ranchers from collecting olives in the involved West Bank. 

"You are bugging individuals for picking olive oil. I mean these individuals need olives. How perilous would they be able to be? This person is conveying a pail, you are conveying a weapon," Machaba told the solidier. 

To which the officer mockingly answered to the representative: "And you are conveying a conciliatory pass? Fantastic." 

The warrior then, at that point, finds out if he is allowing them to "take their olives". 

Machaba answers: "For what reason wouldn't you be able to simply permit them to pick olives?" 

The warrior reacts that there are no olives on the trees to which Machaba reacts by highlighting a crate of olives, which isn't noticeable on the screen, saying they had come to pick what little olives they could get. 

The officer then, at that point, changes the line of addressing and denounces Machaba that he has "come to make issues with those individuals", alluding to a group around him. 

"Every one of the cameras are to make issues," the fighter said. 

The video of negotiator's showdown with the warrior had acquired than 17800 perspectives on Instagram and a surge of remarks of help for his activities from individuals all throughout the planet by Friday. 

sabadesigns commented: " We individuals of color can completely see how awful this persecution is," while catchthean poured, "Israel will suffocate in the tears of blameless people. Disgrace Israel disgrace Israel disgrace Israel if you show some care." 

ismyl.official remarked: "He knows what politically-sanctioned racial segregation state implies. Crafty zionists will know when the stones and trees will talk as well." 

ofeyli_arsenal cautioned: "The officers are harsh unadulterated disdain for the guiltless Palestinian individuals. I accept God is watching."

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