Moses Kuria To Be Giving 250 Million To Every Constituency In Kiambu For Public Credit If Elected

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The race to kiambu gubernatorial seat keeps heating every now and then after abled leaders come out vying for the seat. Among those vying include Moses Kuria, wamatangi, Ferdinand Waititu and William Kabogo.

Moses Kuria has come out with an agenda which have left kiambu people applauding him. According to Moses, he said that the factor chaining Kenyans to poverty is access to capital and credit saying the country belongs to shylocks.

He added saying that Kenya kwanza government will be giving 150 million every year for collateral free revolving business fund. He added that for him to compliment that he will add 100 million as County administration making it a total of 250 million for kiambu people in each of the 12 constituencies if he will get elected.

He concluded by saying that for you to access the money you must be in a sacco of your choice in kiambu county saying the loan will attract a maximum of 5% interest per year.

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