JUST IN: Huge boost for Raila as opinion polls shows widening gap between Ruto, Wajackoyah and him

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Election dates are drawing near with all candidates striving to ensure they have huge following. Presidential race is the main focus since it's highest office in our republic.

Different companies have been doing research on percentage of support various aspirants have. This research is done in respective regions and then combined for final results.

Recent polls where done in Eastern region especially in three Ukambani counties; Kitui, Machakos and Makueni which outcome is already out.

According to research by Intel Research Solutions (IRS) Raila is leading followed by Deputy president William Ruto then Professor Wajackoyah. Definitely this will be boost to Azimio la Umoja alignment.

Raila 52.2%, William Ruto 39.6 and finally Wajackoyah 3% while the remaining 1.5% is undecided.

This is huge boost for the former prime minister since Eastern parts of Kenya might be key determinant on presidential results. If elections were held today, Raila Odinga can get more votes on this part than any other aspirant.

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