Etv Scandal Writers Deserves An Award Because Of This Charector.

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The charector of Dintle is been in our screens for quiet a long time. I honestly like to actors and actresses lasts in the show. 

The charector of Dintle Nyathi on Scandal played by Mapaseka Koentle is one of the charectors that's Scandal needs to keep for future Generations. 

We were introduced to her charector back in 2011, she was a girl with a very poor background and she was a student. 

She got pregnant and her aunt told her that's she supposed to give away the child to adoption, she agreed because she was a child and can't afford. They given a child to Tino Martins & Erin Martins who were unfortunate to have their own child.

Dintle grew up in front our screens, she hustled trying to make her life a little better for her, and she made it to top. The charector is very educating to the youth out there who just give up in life without hustling. From poor family to be the CEO of the company. 

We are now introduced to the child she gave away for adoption way back Motshabi , some viewers even forgot about her, yet the writer is bringing back to the story , other soapies may learn one or two things from the show. 

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