Funny: See Some of the of Funniest Bus Stops in Ghana - This Will Make your Day


Ghana has many towns and neighbourhoods with surprising names. One reason for that is because these names are of different languages and sounds weird in a another language.

Apart from that, these names translates to real life situations. Not only are these names placed on towns, but also on bus stops.

Someone posted on Facebook that his area's bus stop has a surprising name. He then asked people if they also know any surprising bus stop.

Some people said fire bus stop, abotwe bus stop, ratsa, dome bus stop. Another person also said palm wine bus stop and ashawo bone bus stop.

Below are screenshots of surprising names of bus stops commented by people.

Do you also know any surprising bus stop name? Comment the name below in the comment section below. You can like and share this article with your friends and loved ones.

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