The Word of God is the only power who will set you free from poverty, sickness, accident,


Beloved of God. Poverty, hardship, shame disgrace, accident, lack, rejection, pressure, premature death. These are finding their way to your life. But because of the word of God and the power of Jesus Christ, that is why they can't get you.

And if any of such is already in any part of your life because you are not in Christ Jesus, but as you are really ready to join Jesus Christ, and walk faithfully in Him, and since our Lord Jesus Christ is the only savior and most powerful one who can heal the sick, cast out leagon, and raise the dead, then count it Totally for joy.

That the power of Jesus Christ will set you free from all of them. All you have to do is to make peace with the Scriptures of the word of God. Be Baptize in the River or any flowing water. Pray until you are filled with the Holy Spirit of God in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ. As you attending your Church regularly and doing well in the Lord Jesus Christ, join any group by asking God what You must do in Him. There is surely Anointing in you. God is need of you.

God wants to use you as He uses our Jesus Christ to do His power work. Give your heart to God and ask him to use you.

Bless You.