'He Is A Beard Gang'- See Lovely Photos Of The Man Who Killed Tolulope While Trying To Pick Her Up

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NAF has revealed the face of the man that knock Arotile Tolulope down while only trying to pick her up as he reversed.

The face of a man called Nehemiah Adejoh was released by NAF just this afternoon for being the guy that drove Tolulope Arotile. It should be noted that Mr Nehemiah Adejoh was only trying to reverse and help his ex-classmate who he sped past.

It was reported that the late Arotile who was the first Nigerian Combat Pilot was knocked down by the vehicle of Mr Nehemiah Adejoh while trying to pick her up.

According to a report, it was reported that three of her ex-classmate pass Arotile including Nehemiah but he decided to reverse back to pick her up and during that moment, he knocks him down which led to Arotile Tolulope death.

Mr Nehemiah who also graduated from Nigeria Air Force Academy and live around Afaka, Kaduna State. It is really saddening that the situation happens and he knocks down Arotile. See lovely photos of Nehemiah Joshua;

This man became the first man to kill the first female pilot combat in Nigeria.

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