6 Most Dangerous Military Commandos That Can Destroy A Country In Less Than 10 Seconds

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There are some military groups in the world who are so dangerous and has extra ordinary skills that can destroy a wider area in few seconds.


Is the short term of the word 'marine commandos'. They are the deadliest special forces on the planet .They have been trained with more advanced skills that makes them have extra ordinary skills.They are the main special groups after US NAVY SEALS.

2: Exceptional Forces,USA.

There main activities is to liberate the oppressed. Their barge bears a pointed stone with a saber and three lightening bolts.


Short form of Gruppo do Intervento Speciale.They are so dangerous such that their main activity is for psychological oppression.They are also called the Spetsgruppa "A" because they are so deadliest and responds to various tasks faster.

4:Seyeret Matkal,Israel.

This is an Israel special force and is prepared to cut down psychological oppression.Soldiers from this group have more of physical individuals from this group are eminent for high physical just as scholarly attributes.They have assumed a fundamental in decreasing the pressure in Israel when it comes time of war.

5:Extraordinary Service Group,Pakistan.

Envision walking thirty six miles in twenty four hours and running Five miles in full stuff in only fifty minutes. These are the portion of the undertakings that Pakistan's Special forces go through in their preparation system.They are so dangerous in Pakistan and also among the entire world since they are trained on what is supposed to be done to have dangerous and deadly outcomes.

6:Public Gendarmerie Intervention Group,France.

Their main work is in safeguarding younger students in Djibouti to catching conflicts hoodlums in Bosnia.They are the slickest preparing system known and are ready to bring down Somali privateers easily. It is known to cause peace where there is serious war.These special group are very dangerous when it comes to serious war.

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