Fear In Mihango, Utawala Estate As Thugs Allegedly Spray A Renowned BusinessMan With Bullets


Police officers from Utawala are currently investigating an incident that reportedly happened yesterday at night after a business man was reportedly shot by a group of thugs.

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Taking to his Facebook account to confirm the incident, a man who has been identified as Lazarus Njuguna claimed that a business man whose name is yet to be identified was shot several times by unknown thugs.

Reports have it that the deceased who was a renowned local trader was later rushed to the nearest hospital by a group of good Samaritans . Unluckily, the man was reported dead on arrival.

Due to this reason, Lazarus Njuguna has called upon Kenyans along with residents of Utawala to make sure they stay on the look out adding that the increasing level of insecurity needed them to take precaution.

While reacting to this incident, residents of Utawala have called upon the Director of criminal investigations to add more police officers in the region in order to reduce the rate of crime in Utawala.


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