Why The Body Of Constable Duke Nyamweya Was Picked From Mortuary By Officers Dressed In Civilian Clothes

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Officers who picked up the body of Police Constable Duke Nyamweya from the Meru Level Five Hospital mortuary dressed it in a civilian black suit and a red tie, and not in a police uniform.

Usually it is a norm that servicemen who die on active duty are usually buried in elaborate, colourful ceremonies where the casket is draped with a police flag and accorded gun salutes.

However,this time round it will be a different case to do with the late Nyamweya since he is said to have died by suicide and had been interdicted pending a review of several disciplinary matters that were facing him.Therefore he could be denied the burial honours.

A senior officer who understands the police service procedure said an officer who takes his own life forfeits the official burial ceremony.

On the other hand the family could be denied by the officers the chance to perfom the traditional ceremonial send off today.

Mostly according to Kisii culture when one commits suicide they always believe it might befall one of the kins in the generation of the late.Therefore they do perform serious rituals to avoid the bad omen.

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