Mampintsha Accused Of Bad Parenting, Here is why?

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Source: Zalebs

One more ZAleb parent has been faulted for horrible supporting and this time for authentic reasons. Mampintsha has shared a video of him and youngster Spontshi in a vehicle anyway with no seat strap.

This caused shock with his fans who called him out for not setting the child in a vehicle seat, not even a seat strap.

What's more lamentable about the current situation is that Mampintsha and is plainly driving the vehicle, while recording Spontshi staying in the vehicle with his other hand endeavoring to hold him back from falling.

"Mampintsha showed us that his youngster isn't tied in a moving vehicle. Vehicle seats are mandatory for newborn children," one fan created. Another person said, "Where's the youngster vehicle seat? Be that as it may, this isn't secured."

Mampintsha dismissed the shock and kept on wishing his youngster mother Babes Wodumo a Happy 28th Birthday. Today is the party and he ensured that they will go full scale.

Ntando Duma moreover got called out for leaving Sbahle Mzizi in the pool alone. She defended her supporting capacities and said she is positively not a horrendous mother, believe it or not Sbahle can swim so she let her be.

"Do you guess I am that deceitful? Neighbor started swimming when she was four months old. So you should be concerned when I am isolated from every other person by the pool, not when Sbahle is far off from every other person by the pool. That young woman can swim. Significant or shallow."

This has been seven days for horrendous gatekeepers as Khanyi Mbau similarly got the terrible completion of the stick for allowing Khanukani to live alone.

"We grant Khanz to act normally, assuming that she really wants to endeavor stuff, I have an effect… we let her endeavor it. Cause we want to see who this individual is," she said.

Andile Ncube, asked Khanyi where does she characterize the limit since she is a youngster and sex could ring a bell, "But by then where do you stand firm? What happens when she's intrigued about sex at 15?"

Khanyi said, "Virginity can be lost or it will in general be taken. So lost is the place where you are ready and its a child you figure you will marry, you part with it. You love this individual, you are 15, you figure you will marry him… you part with it," Khanyi said.

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