Tips To Keep Your Phone Battery Last Longer


No phone is useful without a healthy battery that will keep it in use long enough. Therefore this means that the more you take good care of your phone from damages, you should also take measures that will keep your phone battery healthy for longer services.

Here are ways in which you can make your phone battery last long without getting damaged:

1. Only charge your phone up to 100%. Charging it beyond 100% will subject it to overheating due to high voltage that will make its lifespan to shorten.

2. Don't always allow your phone battery to drain fully. Most lithium-ion batteries get more stressed when they are discharged fully. In return this will reduce its life span.

3. When not using WiFi or Bluetooth, turn then off. When your WiFi stays on it always scans for available internet to connect to and at the same time Bluetooth also searches for available devices to connect to. This will make your phone battery to drain.

4. Manage your phone screen by keeping it low to save your battery from draining so fast. Bright screen always look fine but always use a lot of power to stay that way.

5. Make use of power saving mode in your phone to manage its operations by making sure low power is in use.

So these are some of the best and easy ways of managing your phone battery to stay longer. Read, share and give your opinion. Thank you.