Two UDA Top Leaders Quarrel and Accuse Each Other in Public


Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika and her UDA counterpart Kimani Nginjiri row played out in public as the two leaders quarreled and made accusation against each other in public.

On saturday Susan Kihika publicily alleged that Ngunjiri had betrayed his collegues in UDA and he was not sure on wich camp to support.

"Who Would dare trust this man who blows hot and cold every other day?, for me it spells an unrelliable character who switches sides depending on where his bread is being butterd that evening," alleged the senator

Ngunjiri on his part while addressing the press confrence stated that the senator was among the leaders who were planning to frustrate president Kenyatta once he retires from office.

"My freind politics is not about you but Nakuru residents. We want to respect the president and allow him to drink tea at the state house with his successor. How can you disturb the presidents peac?, try and you will see my wrath as i will not allow Nakuru residents to be divided" Ngunjiri warned.

These diffrences Indicate there is a rift in UDA camp wich is allied to the deputy president and it is only few weeks when a section of UDA mps accused Ngunjiri for being a mole in their camp after voting for Bbi bill wich was against the wishes of his party leader.