Karen Nyamu Offers Samidoh's Wife Ksh1M To Provide Screenshots Of Their Conversations


Another drama has unflolded after Samidoh's wife replied to a fan who tried to insult her claiming that Karen Nyamu has been sending her videos with Samidoh using a pseudo accounts.

Karen Nyamu has gone ahead responding to Samidoh's wife where she has asked her to provide screenshots of the videos she has been sending to her and she will give her ksh 1 million if there are any.

Things have really gotten out of hand where most netizens have condemned Samidoh and Karen Nyamu for hurting Samidoh's wife with the videos Karen Nyamu has been posting.

Many have gone ahead urging Karen to leave Samidoh's wife since she never mentioned her unless she is having a pseudo account which is making her to be bitter.

Earlier today Karen Nyamu posted in her instagram that she will not stop posting her family since she has nothing to hide where she went ahead claiming that people are only bitter and envy their relationship.

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