Tracey Boakye And Mzbel Saga - Counselor Daniel Fenyi Advises Young Ladies

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Counsellor Daniel Fenyi, has advised the Ghanaian youths especially the ladies in his latest counselling session. Further, he tagged Mrs. Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings as the proper “Feminists” in the country.

Moreover, Joy 99.7 FM appreciated the celebrated counselor by sharing his post on their facebook page. Below is the full write up full of thoughts.

They start as “slay queens” and get spotted by a sugar daddy, then they become “side chicks”. They get cars, houses and make wealth from these big men.

Then later, out of their own guilt and without anybody’s probe, they go about justifying how “genuine” their success is. On that damage control spree, they become “Feminists” and start “fighting” for women.

They are hardened prostitutes and “vaginapreneurs” refining into feminists. They have never been in any beautiful stable relationship before. But assuming Feminists, they try to teach young ladies how to “live” with a man.

In the end, they destroy relationships. Like, “if they can’t have a stable relationship life, no one should have too!” Their understanding of “Feminism” is to incite beautiful, innocent, young ladies to “equal” their boyfriends/husbands, know their “right” and NOT be submissive. Because, to them, being submissive means “slavery”.

Some celebrities “vaginapreneurs”, are on social media fighting over a sugar daddy. Tracy is 29 years, boasts of 3/4 cars and houses at East Legon.

She started “Tracy Inspires”, a damage-control motivational platform, where she motivates young girls on how to be successful in life “just like her”. She alludes her “businesses” started with only 300ghc and has grown great through “hard work”.

I advise you, as Counsellor Daniel Fenyi, to be careful of the role models, mentors, motivational speakers and Pastors you follow, spend time with, and listen to.

Many of them are only leveraging on their prostitution, failures, arrogance and unsubmissiveness to prey on the innocence of the young and unsuspecting.

There is only one ‘proper’ Feminist in Ghana- Mrs. Nana Konadu Agyemang-Rawlings. I celebrate her while she lives, not when she’s passed. She is the wife of JJ Rawlings, a soldier who later became a President. They’ve been married for 43 years.

It takes only a feminist to use her “woman power” to “tame” (not resist or fight) a hardcore soldier president for these years. She has raised and empowered all her 3 daughters to become MP, Lawyer and Communicator respectively.

Such is FEMINISM (you can name any ‘proper’ feminist you know, let’s celebrate them). Stop following those arrogant young slay queens who tout themselves as Feminists.

They have used their beauty and vagina to bargain for everything they have. They are “born one” and NO man wish to live with them.

They think men avoid them because they know their “right”. I am Counsellor Daniel Fenyi, a Gender Activist, we’ll talk more about Feminism later- It’s a very lovely ideology! You’d love to marry a Feminist!

Stay Safe!

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