Bishop Agyin Asare Alleged To Be A Fake Man Of God By Osofo Obotan


A repented Fake Pastor, Osofo Obotan has made a serious allegation against Bishop Agyin Asare.

Bishop Agyin Asare is one of the most respected Men of God in the country and on the international scene as well.

He is known to be powerful Man of God who is able to perform several kinds of miracles in his church programs and crusades.

However, the repented fake Man of God, Osofo Obotan has made it categorically clear that Bishop Agyin Asare is a fake Man of God.

What this means is that the miracles he performs are also fake and probably planned.

Is it not very surprising? Osofo Obotan made this known when he made an appearance on The Seat on Net 2TV hosted by Kweku Annan all in a bid to expose fake Men of God in the country.

The mention of Bishop Agyin Asare as fake is going to be a topical issue in the country for discussion.

Can't tell if Bishop Agyin Asare or react or not but it's expected that Osofo Obotan would provide more evidence to back his claim.