Alleged: Sakawa Boy Drops From His Posh Car And Got Mad Instantly As He Drives His Girlfriend.


The internet today has been a lot of mix reactions coming from a lot of social media users after a video of an alleged sakawa boy who got out of his posh car and started talking off his clothes on the street as he drives his beautiful girlfriend was shared by a Facebook user.

The saying that nobody knows tomorrow's problem is clearly understood by many people regarding the satanic steps of some young people nowadays. I personally think if humans especially the young people of nowadays were created to see tomorrow problem, there won't be any bad step today.

I came across a video on the internet which I decided to take screenshots and share for others to see and learn something from it if possible.

An alleged sakawa boy was seen with his girlfriend on the street removing his clothes and shouting with a lot of strange words after he has parked his posh car on the road. This young man was actually acting like someone who is going mad exactly, taking off his clothes, shouting with a lot of strange words and scaring people who came around him. His beautiful girlfriend was very worried and didn't know what to do aside sprinkling water on him. Fortunately, there was a guy who helped him out by holding him in the viral video. Checkout the screenshot below.

Although the place it happened was not stated, but this happened at Nigeria regarding the comments from social media users.

Now I want us to know that there is nothing like happiness after you get a gift from the satan.

Please what do you also think about this?

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