Siv Ngesi's alter ego Sivanna shows off her beautiful figure


Its hasnt been that long since he revealed and introduced us to the other side that we never knew existed.

When Siv introduced us to his alter ago Sivanna, many were shocked and other commended him for his bravery.

While people were still raving about his revelation, he then took it to media again to tell us that he begged a modeling gig with Adidaas.

Many seem to be inlove with this new Siv. lot of people were suspecting that Siv might be gay as he was never spotted with a girlfriend, people asked themselves how come Siv with a hot body like his didn't have a girlfriend, but now we have our answer isn't it.

He is definitely making waves considerating he just came out, however many people had mixed emotions about his newly found fame.

Other people congradulated him on his International gig while others voiced out about people who do drag full time and have never even obtained a life time opportunity like this one.

He currently posted a video taking his fans through on how he go about obtaining this transformation , before as Siv and after as gueen Sivaanah.