3 Types Of Clothes To Rock During Traditional Wedding

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Traditional marriage is done when the parents of the two parties agree that their daughter and son will come together as husband and wife. During this period, a traditional cultural heritage will be applied to make sure all goes well during the event. One of the processes is to give the bride a palm wine to look for her suitor and other necessary activities that will follow up during that period.

To attend that kind of occasion you have to dress in a traditional way to suit the occasion.

Wearing casual attire will make you look different from what others are putting on. Traditional weddings require traditional costumes.

There are three types of clothes that you need to rock during the above wedding ceremonies.

1 Aso Ebi Costume.

We all know that Aso Ebi is traditional clothes in which people sew to attend occasions. Some sew these clothes as uniforms whenever they have an event to attend in a group.

2 Agbada clothes.

These types of clothes are sewed in three pairs the inner one the outer one and the trouser. It is used to attend an occasion most especially traditional events. The big gown covers the inner shirt. You can as well put on only the inner shirt without the big gown.

3 Ankara Clothes.

These sets of clothes are known as Dutch before it is now called Ankara. The clothes have been existing for so many years and are also used to attend the traditional occasion. It is produced by the Indonesians. Africans are the most commonly used of these Ankara's clothes most especially Nigerians.

So while attending a traditional wedding or any events that have to do with the things of traditions you can put on any of the attire above for you to look nice and beautiful.

What do you have to say about these? Your comments are needed.

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