Things Fall Apart! Kajala Farida Unfollows Harmonize And Deletes All His Pictures


Love and romance are the things that run the world today. That's why everyone is in an attempt of searching for the better half. With the pressure to be like the rest, people have ended up setting for the wrong partner resulting to numerous divorces lately.

Since parting ways with the Italian girlfriend Sarah, Harmonize has been the man warming Kajala Farina's bed for a while. These two were in an awesome romantic relationship. They were the lovey dovey kind warning the social media with their romantic clips and photos.

Harmonize used to praise Kajala and used to refer to her as the best woman he was willing to settle with. Kajala on the other hand has been showering Harmonize with lots of lovely messages


However things are not as they have always been lately. There is trouble in paradise and things seem to have fallen apart. This is after Kajala took a step to unfollow Harmonize and further deleted all his photos from her Instagram page. This is an indication that all is not well between the two.