Salvation Ministries University To Begin Soon - David Ibiyeomi


Pastor David Ibiyeomie, the presiding Pastor of Salvation Ministries, has revealed that Salvation Ministries University will begin soon. The university which will be called Pacesetters University is an addition to the already established Chokhmah International Academy, which is the nursery, primary and secondary school arm of the church. Chokhmah International Academy was dedicated in 2018 by Bishop David Oyedepo (Presiding Bishop of the Living Faith Church and Chancellor Covenant and Landmark University).

Papa spoke in the second service in Salvation Ministries special praise services to begin the month of May, said in Pacesetters University there will be no cultism, as any student caught will be expelled.

Responding to a testimony of a young boy who passed his entrance exam into Chokhmah International Academy, Papa said the difference between Chokhmah and other schools is that Chokhmah teaches combines value and learning in training students. He said Chokhmah happens to be one of the best schools in Nigeria. He said some mission schools has value but lack facilities some other schools has facilities but lack value, while Chokhmah has both facilities and values. 

Pastor Ibiyeomie said the church's university will be one of it's kind in the country.