Kenyans Reactions after Senator Kithure Kindiki Remarks on Hypocritical Leadership


The former Senate deputy speaker Kithure Kindiki a day after the end of Building Bridges, Initiative Hearing appeal has now weighed in on the prosperity of the country casting the blame on the structural system, to distribute resources across the country.

In his post on Facebook, the senators have talked about the prosperity of the country failures due to pore distribution of resources to all parts of the country as a result of the poor leadership structure.

"Kenya failure to take off full prosperity and its inability to achieve egalitarianism development is linked to structural failure to pursue re-distributive economics," Kithure Kindiki Wrote.

To move this country from the current systemic dysfunction requires eschewing petty, malicious and hypocritical leadership with bloated egos and a terrible sense of perpetual personal entitlement," he also added

However, the post has since attracted mixed reactions among Kenyans on Facebook who have since come out to express their thoughts on the same.

The majority of Kenyans have criticised the senator for his failure to articulate the same ideas in the senate and hence he had nothing to tell Kenyans on the same issues, as far as economic development, is concerned.

meanwhile, do you agree with Senator Kithure Kindiki that structure is the main cause of failure in the Kenyan Economy, share your thoughts?

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