'I Will Not Resign' DP Ruto Responding To President Uhuru's Remarks Wanting Him To Quit

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President Uhuru Kenyatta asked individuals unsatisfied with his government to resign, but Deputy President William Ruto vowed he would not.

Despite rising calls for him to quit if he does not agree with Uhuru's objective of uniting the country, Ruto declared he will stay in the Jubilee administration and will not retreat or submit.


The DP spoke at the funeral of Mahoo MCA Ronald Sagurani, who died of Covid-19. Sagurani was elected by Jubilee and served as the assembly's minority leader.


Anti-riot police deployed earlier had a difficult time preventing people from entering the deceased's apartment, where the funeral service was taking place.


In the wake of the spreading Covid-19 outbreak, a force of police officers from the regular and General Service Unit (GSU) were stationed at the gate.


The DP stated that he will not be intimidated by threats and intimidation from some state officials, whom he claims have hampered his efforts to sell his bottom-up economic program across the country.

Dr. Ruto addressed mourners in Rashia hamlet on the borders of Taveta town in Taita-Taveta County on Tuesday, saying, "I am a man of vision and I have no space to retreat and the luxury to surrender."


The DP enlisted public support for the bottom-up economy, claiming that he had initiated a discussion that many Kenyans were enthusiastic about.


He claims that the bottom-up economy will ensure that unemployed small-business owners who are trying to make ends meet become citizens.

Lydia Haika, a woman representative from Taita-Taveta, and Aisha Jumwa, a legislator from Malindi, informed mourners that the DP would not resign.

The parliamentarians stated that both the President and the DP were jointly chosen by voters, and that none would be forced to quit.


Despite intimidation and threats from some places, Ms Jumwa stated that the DP will continue to speak for the voiceless. "Whether they like it or not, Dr. Ruto will continue to speak for the voiceless," she stated.

Police were allegedly being deployed to harass DP supporters, according to Haika and Jumwa.


Police had previously prevented locals and leaders from attending the burial service, causing chaos. The security apparatus mismanaged certain members of the Assembly (MCA) when enforcing the Covid-19 health protocols.

Dr. Ruto responded by telling mourners that the funeral had been disrupted because some "people" did not want him to attend.

"I came to bury a friend who campaigned for both the President and me in the two elections that followed. My supporters and those who came to bury the deceased were barred from attending his burial service, which is regrettable and humiliating."


He warned the mourners that the time for chest pounding, intimidation, and humiliating others would soon be over.

He accused BBI supporters of promoting selfish interests and agendas at the expense of many underprivileged Kenyans.

Dr. Ruto also pleaded for forgiveness on behalf of the government for people who had been harassed and prevented from attending their leader's funeral by the police.


Ruto explained that some of his detractors did not want him to attend the burial ceremony, which is why they did not want his fans to come as well.

He cautioned, "The disruption of funerals that I attend will soon come to an end."


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