Another South African Learner Commits Suicide By Drinking This Because Of Bullying At School

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Suicide at schools across the country is something that is being reported quite a lot in South Africa. Many learners who are currently in school are battling their own mental health issues. Some of these mental health issues are caused by the environment that they find themselves in at school.

Bullying is currently one of the most concerning things that is happening at school, where other learners basically become abusers of some learners or that one learner who gets picked on on a daily basis and is made fun of mostly for their appearance. Bullying is something that is not allowed at school, and learners constantly get told not to do it, but there are those who will go ahead and be determined to make another person's life miserable.

And most people who are victims of bullying never speak out because, until now, no one has provided a safe space for them to speak out and feel protected. This results in victims of bullying suffering in silence to a point where they choose to end their own lives, like Asanda Thethwayo, who allegedly committed suicide due to bullying. She was only 15 years old and in Grade 10.

Asanda has allegedly been bullied for over a year at school, and most especially for her appearance. A picture of her apparently circulated around the school as well. Asanda's uncle shared that the learner did share that she was bullied at school and did not even eat during breaks because others would make fun of her mouth and teeth.

Asanda was found laying on the floor with containers of pills and paraffin. She was taken to the hospital but died two weeks later.


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