'When My First Son Died, I Knew His Twin Would Follow' A Man Mourns The Death Of His Twins By Covid


The death of a loved one can be depressing. It is even worse when two people die at the same time. Moving on can be hard but we are always told that time heals.

The 'Times of India' has posted on their news page about a family in India that is mourning the death of their twin sons who died a few hours apart. Joefred and Ralfred were 24 years old when they succumbed to Covid-19 at Meerut in India.

The twins had earlier been diagnosed with fever which was later discovered to be Covid-19. They stayed in intensive care unit with a close watch by the doctors until their case seemed to be out of danger. They were then shifted to a normal ICU. Days later, the two were pronounced dead.

The father, Gregory told the 'times of India' that the twins had a close connection. After getting the news of the first son dying, he knew that the other one will not return home either.

May the twins rest in peace and may the family be strengthened to get through this hard time.

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