How To Win A Girl's Heart Forever


A woman mind had no control over how intensely a woman is attracted to a person. Men no longer have the time to find out if they are asking too much or asking the wrong person. Now a man can control how fast or how slow they want to take relationship with these technique.

1. Building block of deduction

A woman will like to speak more about her feelings, emotions and thoughts. Men want to talk more about action. Since women discuss feelings, emotions and ideas more often than men, their conversation also include more non verbal conversation. Men on the other hand failed to notice these expression. Maintain eye contact, rise eyebrows and gesticulate during a conversation.

2. Look charismatic to captivate her charm

Most men are hesitate to use creams and lotions to pamper their skin. Smooth skin will always be more attractive than rough one. Men turn to be get acne on their back, find out if your skin is dry or oily and get the right creams for your skin. A good pair of shoes can do wonders for the first impression.

3. Delight her instincts with chocolates

Women love surprises. A pleasant surprise to a woman is an indication that her man care for her alot. If you surprise a woman with a flavor of chocolate she is fond of, she will remember you for a long time. Find out of her friends which variety of chocolate she likes.

When you do share the distinctive chocolate with her try avoid praising yourself for the whole event.

4. Indulge her wits with a good sense of humor

A man definition of humor is entirely different from a woman description of comedy. A man will laugh at anything which sounds humor and automatically think of you as a good friend. Women will make conclusion about your character base on the humor you display. If you don't want to end up as that funny guy in a woman's friend zone, do not use low blow humor, insult, put down and taunts to be eliminated from conversation.

5. Letting her open up to you

Instead of portraying a depressing, exhuted, and negative personality always look at the side of things. Nobody want to be with pessimistic person or individual. Once a woman open her feelings to you, your relationship has gone to the next level. Women seldom share their state of mind with any one.

When a woman talks about her emotions, she expects support from you. Initially she doesn't you to tell her what to do, just listen, offer sympathy and don't hesitate to comfort her physically.


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