"Nigeria Is Under The Power Of Murderous And Heartless Jihadists" - Fani-Kayode


A famous Nigerian politician, popularly known as Fani-Kayode have taken to his Twitter page and revealed reasons why Nigeria is under the power and influence of Murderous jihadist.

According to a recent Twitter post that was made by Fani-Kayode, he took to his Twitter page and wrote:

"we can comfortably conclude that our country is under the power & influence of a bunch of murderous & heartless jihadists. This is not a democracy. It is the rulership of the Janjaweed. It is the manifestation of an ancient agenda & the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy"

In this article, I will be sharing screenshot of what Fani-Kayode said about Nigeria.

Check out screenshot below:

From the screenshot that was shared above, you will clearly see that Fani-Kayode is blaming some jihadists for causing the problem Nigeria is facing today.

What do you people think about this statement that was made by Fani-Kayode?

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