Video. "Don't make me regret marrying you" - wife strongly warn husband during wedding.


Marriage is a lovely thing that offers happiness to both husband and wife, but it is not without its challenges. Some couples are able to work out their problems and move on with their marriage, however others are unable to withstand some of the stresses of marriage and eventually divorce and go their separate ways.

A bride gives a strong warning to her husband in a video that has been circulating on the internet, advising him not to make her regret marrying him.

The bride and groom are shown standing in front of each other and exchanging vows in the video. The bride then asked the groom to hold his ear like a mother reprimanding her child. "You see this marriage we're doing today," she said to him, "don't make me regret it." She continued by telling him that if he made her regret marrying him, she would show him her craziness.

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