Instead of Throwing Them Away, Here Are Some Of The Ways You Can Make Use Of Banana Peels


Banana peels are often considered as dirt and as such they are usually thrown away after we must have finished eating the banana. Unknowingly to us the same banana peels we are trowing away has a lot of uses in the body as well as our skin health.

There are different ways you can make use of the banana peels and these ways depend on what you want it to do for you. We will be discussing about some of the ways you can make use of banana peels instead of trowing it away in this article.

1. In order to cure acne, you need to apply the skin directly on your skin by rubbing it in the skin and wait for about five to ten minutes before you wash it off. Doing this about twice daily will make your skin acne free.

2. To get rid of the symptoms of ageing, i. e wrinkles, apply the banana peel on your skin and wait for about 30 minutes or better still leave it overnight after which you wash off. Do this about twice a week and soon enough you will get rid of that wrinkle.

3. To whiten your teeth, after you have finished brushing your teeth, use the inner part of the banana peels to rub your teeth for about two minutes after which rinse with clean water.

4. To get rid of scars, put the banana peels on the affected area for a period of time, say 1 hour. Do this daily to get rid of the scars in no time.

5. To treat itchy skin, apply the banana peels to the affected area and leave for 15- 30 minutes.

Banana peels have numerous benefits in the body in my next article I will be taking about the health benefits if the banana peels and why we should consider eating it. Do not forget to like and follow for more articles.