Natural herbs for tightening your organ, clearing odor and increasing your fertility rate


There's a saying in two language, which goes like "s3 wo tcn wo yare a na wo nya ano aduro" but how many of us can tell our sickness to other, all because when you tell them ,they will sale you. How I wish I can be granted some platform to teach herbs for others to be free from some certain illness, but I don't have much resources to do that and also I don't have anything to give but what I can do is to provide you with the little knowledge I have about herbs to help you solve your problem and give you good health because "yar33 y3 yai"

In natural way, here is a traditional recipe made from guava leaves, Alchornia and Aidan fruit, and mongo leaves used by our our grandparents in way back, which help them get rid of not only odors but also possible vaginal infections and for tighten their organ and also anyone with childbearing issue. The Alchornea cordifolia has an intimate virtue, a virtue which increases pleasure on bed of both partner. This is a trick to tighten the female organ and according to some women, the Alchornea makes the inside of the genital organ warmer and more welcoming to the delight of their man.

They have even name it as a glue-tightening in most women who has testify use it before, its effectiveness is by narrowing the enlarged genital organ after multiple childbirths or other nighttime exercises.

Get them and boiled. Have a drink in the morning and evening. Also make a sitz bath with when you want to tight your organ after given birth thank you.