Kids Rapping Fluently To Mbogi Genje Lyrics Leave Kenyans Debating About Their Talent & Morals


Three young kids rapping to Mbogi Genje lyrics have ignited a heated debate on social media.

The boys not more than ten years of age (approximately) have mastered the lyrics of “Ngumi Mbwegze” perfectly from the start to the end.

Nairobi Gossip Club shared a video of them doing a freestyle of the song in front of the Mbogi Genje group. Below is the link to the short video.


Militan, one of the members of the crew, reacted by saying that the kids are very talented and will represent Kenya years to come if they continue the same way.

Kenyans had mixed reactions, some agreeing that the kids are talented while others argued that they lack morals if they understand what they are singing.

Read the comments below to see how Kenyans debated.

Henry Mooch: Ati talent? Let alone the content, how do you even understand what the boys are saying? This is coded language with hidden dirty meaning!

Simon Githomi: I hereby declare myself as an old man. I can’t get anything they are saying. This is pure talent.

Peter Ndungu: Old is gold. Let me enjoy the old school music and leave this generation which sings nonsense.

Gabriel Etyang: No talent at all, it is mediocrity we are entertaining in Kenya. I even think Embarambamba is better although his dancing skills are questionable.

Danny Gathuru: What a talent these kids should be in music school.

Mary Gioko: The boys have really been fed with poop in form of music.