Meet The Youngest Influential People In Kenya

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There are alot of influential people who are still in school some of them are our mentors while one of them is:

Azziad nasenya

She is the most influential at the same time popular ,she is a content creator, a student at Kenya mass institute communication she is only in early 20s but she has anganged in alot of things.she is a luyha by tribe and has shown that everything is possible even for the youths

Thee Pluto

Also a nice influencer on her early 20s he has achieved alot he was started with singing Kikuyu songs but they did not go so far ,he 20then went to medelling and it become his was thing .He has been doing modelling since.

King kalala

She has been out of school recently ,she is on her early 20s she is a good influencer she is a media presenter alot of people have seen her as a mentor despite of her being able to speak it her mind despite of what people think

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