"When my mother-in-law asks for my pictures ". First impressions count the most. Look at her snaps

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Ladies have a hard task to complete, especially ladies who want to impress their mothers-in-law. You work so hard to cook their favourites deliberately with the fear of rejection.

And to your astonishment, your in-laws do not acknowledge your work only to make you disappointed.

Wouldn’t that annoy you?

The question is can you really impress your in-laws?

Ask your husband for the issues that she may be touchy about. You may not know about family feuds and other such issues, so don’t give your opinion before you know all the details. If you are out to impress, don’t go dressed in clothes that are not ironed and hair that’s not brushed properly. And skimpy clothes are a strict no-no. Similarly, it would do you good to not reveal the tattoo on your spine during your first meeting.

If you can’t be overtly nice, then at least be polite. Don’t overrule what she has to say. Also, don’t get into an argument or debate with her during your first meeting. These are some of the things that you can do to please your mother-in-law.

Anastasia, the lady whose pictures are attached in this article made social media users laugh by posting her pictures on social media that she captioned "when my mother-in-law asks for my pictures".

She is probably one of the ladies who wants to impress their mothers-in-law. That is one of the hardest task to complete right?

Don’t believe the rumours! Even though it’s not always easy to get along with your in-laws, it is possible and worth the effort. Both of you must be willing to put in the work. Avoiding her is not the answer and you shouldn’t neglect to try to bond with her because you feel you can’t. Make a great first impression and keep in touch. It’s important to always be on her radar.

If you want to get to know his mother better, you’re going to have to start talking to her. The phone is a great place to begin, especially if she’s out of town. But, when you’re together, always be sure to make room for a little one-on-one time. Show her what her son sees in you and vocalize your intentions and your goals with the relationship. Just remember: Mom’s like straight talk, so be ready for it and be honest.


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