Hilarious Cartoons Of William Ruto And Raila Illustrating Current Situation Ahead Of August election

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As the 5th political decisions in Kenya approach, the race for the state house gets interesting and murky. There are two candidates, one of which will win the upcoming elections in August. Although Kenya's Electoral Council has announced 47 candidates vying for the presidential seat, Kenyans have narrowed their polls to Raila Odinga or William Ruto.

The two aspirants are traveling across the country to campaign ahead of the August elections, the other political aspirants have joined the two strongest parties, they are the Azimio la Umoja party led by Raila Odinga and the Kenya Kwanza party directed by William Ruto.

Kalonzo Musyoka recently decamped from the Azimio la Umoja party, because he was not named Raila Odinga's running mate, he decided to run for president ahead of the August elections.

However, Kenya's electroal board banned him from running for the presidential seat, due to technical issues. Leave a comment below and follow up for more articles and updates.

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