Kanye West daughter is hilarious exactly like him watch what she was seen doing

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Kanye Omari West who popular known as Kanye West is an American rapper who's one of the best of his generation. Kanye West recently he known has been awkward. You can also say Kanye West is the social media influencer because he's always been trending on social Media for doing something. Kanye West is not only the rapper he got so many talents he's also a record producer and fashion designer. Recently about few months ago he shows off his new sneaker all over the world. It's been decades since Kanye West came into music industry. Kanye West have other famous names like Yeezy.

Kanye West was born in Atlanta but he grew up in Chicago. Currently as it 2021 he's 44 years old. Personally Kanye West have 4 children's pantalica as his daughter was caught doing and to cameraman and the way she acted same way as his father is making things funnier all the time watch the pictures below. 

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