Meet Nikita Dragun, The Transgender Whose Parents Supported His Transformation

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Nikita Nguyen, also known as Nikita Dragun, is a YouTuber and model who underwent plastic surgery to change his gender. Nikita's parents agreed to his transition and offered him their complete support during the procedure. 

Nikita has described his transformation journey on occasion, and he has never failed to highlight his parents as a source of strength and how their support has kept him going. Nikita's parents are pleased with the changes their son has undergone. 

Nikita Dragun, the proprietor of a cosmetics company, previously revealed in a video that when he was younger, he preferred girlie clothing and makeup. He described how, throughout his undergraduate days, he used to dress up as a lady and upload make-up videos on YouTube before achieving his aspirations by doing transsexual. 

His mother sometimes wears the same outfit as him in his Instagram images, giving the impression that they are twin sisters to those who are unaware of their existence. This is the amount of affection and security Nikita receives from his parents. 

Unlike many other transgender people who have disclosed how their families abandoned them after they transitioned, Nikita's parents were supportive throughout his transition. 

Nikita is pleased with the person he has become. He recently stated that what counts to him is that his parents love and support him, regardless of what his fans believe or whisper about him. And this, I believe, gives Nikita even more cause to be pleased with his new appearance and metamorphosis. 

Nikita is undeniably attractive, and he was already a stunning man before undergoing plastic surgery. He had done everything he was supposed to do. What are your thoughts about him?

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