2 Suspected Gangsters Killed By Police For Beating, Stealing Laptop And Watch From Victim’s Car


Two suspected gangsters were on Wednesday afternoon killed by police for beating a man and stealing a laptop and smart watch from his car in Kericho town.

Security officers from Kericho town police station who got wind of the robbery incident responded to the promptly to save the man who was heading to an impromptu meeting in Nakuru town.

“They harrased him at a roadblock and stole his laptop plus a smart watch worth Kshs 300000 from the victim. We were able to respond promptly following a tip-off from two riders who plied the same root,"said one of the security officers.

Kericho County police commander Joseph Kiprop who confirmed the incident said the two suspects are believed to have come from Nakuru County and were heading to Kericho town for a planned robbery mission.

The officers were able to seize three Ceska pistols loaded with 12 rounds of ammunition each at the crime scene.

The injured victim was rushed to Kericho town hospital for emergency treatment after sustaining severe injuries from the gangsters.

The bodies of the deceased was moved to a local hospital mortuary within Kericho town pending identification.

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