Why Do Men Stay In The Car For Minutes After Arriving Home? - See Various Reactions On Social Media

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Many people including myself have noticed that most male car owners are fond of staying in their cars for some minutes after driving into their compound. I have seen this peculiar behaviour in most of my Neighbours and I've always wondered why. However, that question was answered in various ways by social media users.

A question was asked on Facebook by @YabaLeftOnline on "why men stay in their car for minutes after arriving their house" and as usual, social media users didn't disappoint as they gave various hilarious, insightful, informative, and meaningful responses.

Checkout their responses below;

The first two social media users had very interesting opinions. They made their responses funny yet sensible and detailed.

A social media user actually said and I quote "Some men know the category they belong in". Indeed, some men remain in their car for some minutes to make sure everything is organized, while others make sure everything that might implicate them is deleted.

One of the comments stated that not all men have something to hide by remaining in their car for many minutes.

Car owners, are there any reasons why you stay in your car minutes after driving into your compound?

Express your reasons and opinions in the comment section below.

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