Road accident four narrowly escaped death


Today early morning four people escaped narrowly death after car was traveling in was involved in road accident ,along nakuru ,nairobi high way.

After accident joseph who is accompanied by his four friends explain how he narrowly escaped death with his three colleague, they left home driving his car with valid speed heading nairobi

"I saw a trailer driven coming with very high speed wondered why driver he is in my lane and when I look there's no parking here?, but I think trailer tunker developed mechanical problem, "joseph said.

He went on to explain he thought of driving away but it's too late, he press emergency break then alerting his friends opening car doors and run away, after stepping twenty foots trailer hit his car and destroy it one side completely.

"When i jumped I feared i have not moved far enough to avoid trailer I just held onto hope that it would not hit my car. When I turned back saw trailer hit my car, and the vehicle is completely destroyed one side, just thanks God for my life and my friends God actually saved our life this morning."he added

"our preliminary findings indicate that four people who were traveling in toyota wish have escaped death in the crash involved a trailer the scene still being processed, accident has caused heavy traffic jam along the highway," police said.