The Mysterious Insect that Gave Kenyatta Sleepless Nights

A story is told of how Kenya's founding father and first president for that matter, Mzee Jomo Kenyatta feared crickets (species of leaping insects that are worldwide in distribution and known for the musical chirping of the male)

In his errands in Embu one day, Jomo Kenyatta demonstrated his fear of the insect when he ordered an Administration police officer to identify the hole of a cricket that was chirping near his guest house and 'deal with it'.

After identifying it, the police officer clubbed it to death with strict conformity to the president's orders and he sighed with relief, Nation.Africa articulates.

In another hilarious occasion, Jomo Kenyatta turned tables of the renowned former Rift Valley Provincial Commisioner, Isaiah Mathenge when he asked him to take a look into his altruistic and exemplary vast plot that he had bought in Nakuru.

Upon showing him, Isaiah asked the head of state if he was interested in one, and without any epitome of fear or cowardice, Kenyatta took all of that plot that belonged to Mathenge and asked him to look for another.