7 Reasons Why Your Lips Are Getting Dark And 4 Foods That Can Help You Get Rid Of Them.

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Every ones dreams is having a healthy, full pink lips. As a result, there are many causes such as sun exposure and aging, that can make your lips begin to darken. Avoiding a few habits can improve the texture of your lips by simply avoiding certain foods and skin care products.

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In this article l will be listing out the 7 habits that can make you lips dark according to my research.

1. Smoking Often

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Another behavior that might result in black lips is smoking. Regular smoking discolors your lips by transferring tar and nicotine to them. To get rid of dark lips, it is recommended that you avoid smoking.

2. Using Bleaching Creams.

Avoid use bleaching cream because it contains harsh chemicals that can damage your skin and also your lips making them to get darker, instead go for creams that contains less or no chemicals.

3. Licking Your Lips

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Many people have a habit of licking their lips repeatedly. The darkening of the lips and even the surrounding skin is caused by the constant friction and discomfort.

4. You Might Be Pregnant.

Changes in hormone levels during pregnancy can sometimes lead to melasma, which appears as dark patches on the lips.

5. Failure To Exfoliate Your Lips.

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With the passage of time, our lips begin to lose moisture and become bland and dry. As a result, exfoliating your lips everyday is really important if you want to keep your lips healthy and pink.

6. Lack of Moisturization.

Lip discolouration can also be caused by chipped or dry lips. As a result, it's critical to keep your lips moisturized by using a hydrating lip balm. Look for substances like shea butter and cocoa butter if you're seeking for a good lip balm.

7. Forgetting To Apply Sunscreen.

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Lips, like skin, require protection from the sun's dangerous UV radiation. As a result, a lip balm with an SPF of 30 is recommended. So, those are the behaviours that cause your lips to darken. Here Are also some food you should consume to help get rid of dark lips. 

Here Are 3 Food To Get Rid Of Dark Lips.

1. Tomatoes.

Tomatoes, which are both a fruit and a vegetable, are included in most African food to add flavor and enrich the taste. It can be eaten raw or in combination with other foods such rice, beans and yam which most people enjoy.

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In order to have naturally pink lips, consume more tomatoes, as it contains selenium which is beneficial to the lips' and overall health. It also protects them from further tanning and UV damage. For the best outcomes, include raw tomatoes in your diet.

2. Coconut.

Coconut is considered one of the healthiest solutions for skin care and beauty.

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Eating it raw or drinking its water can also help your lips. Vitamins C, E, B1, B3, B5, and B6 improve your health on the one hand, and fatty acids like lauric acid lighten your lips naturally.

3. Honey.

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Honey is used in almost all home treatments because of its numerous benefits. Honey is excellent for preventing color loss or pigmentation in the lips and skin. You can Take one teaspoon honey with a glass of lukewarm water in the morning or after meals.


As you can see they are majority of things that can make your lips to get darker, you can get rid of it by simply changing your lifestyle and diet and also don't forget to drink enough water.

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