Date Rush: Ruby finally reveals her relationship with the man who gifted her a brand new Jeep


It looks like, all the ladies who were on Date Rush season 4, Ruby is the only lady amongst them who has been trending on social media for so many reasons. From the time the show was aired on television till now, Ruby's name has been in headlines a lot. What makes her trend a lot is the fact that, she chose someone on the show and it didn't go well with them so she started to reveal everything that happened.

Ruby started sharing a lot of secrets we didn't know on social media which made many people realised their relationship didn't work. She revealed that, after the show, 'Powder guy' who happens to be her date used to come and visit and vice versa. She said one day she went to visit him and he wasn't around. She called severally but he didn't pick so she then realised the guy wasn't interested and was cheating. This incident made her decide to break up with him.

Ruby granted interview with DJ Nyaami on SVTV which is a YouTube channel. Shae made a lot of revelations during the interview and how she got the car from an unknown person. Ruby explained how she was very happy when she she got the car as a gift because she was really praying for a miracle. She said she doesn't have any amorous relationship with the man and besides she didn't even know him. But he just called her and the conversation begun.

She said even though the man hasn't proposed to her or said anything concerning relationship to her. But she will easily give in if the opportunity presents itself. The host asked her if the man is married will she still give in? She replied by saying, she will happily grab that opportunity and even if he wants her to become his third wife, she will agree.


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