Meet Ghanaian Celebrities Who Gave Birth To Their First Child In Their 40s


Today, in this article, I will be sharing with you some popular Ghanaian female Celebrities who gave birth to their first born in their 40s.

After marriage, the next thing society expect from you is a baby or a child to call your own and so if you are struggling to give birth, they begin to give you names. There are some popular Ghanaian celebrities who were tagged as barren but eventually gave birth at in their 40s.

Nana Ama Mcbrown

The Ghanaian actress and TV presenter is one of the female celebrities who gave birth to their first child in their 40s. After years of marriage, Nana Ama Mcbrown was battling infertility and this made others tag her as barren but after years of struggle, Nana Ama Mcbrown is now blessed with a beautiful and loving baby girl who goes by the name Baby Maxin. She gave birth to baby Maxin when she was 41 years old.

Oheneyere Gifty Anti

Gifty Anti is known to be a Ghanaian journalist and women right advocate. When talking about Ghanaian female Celebrities who gave birth in their 40s, Gifty Anti is not an exception. Even though Gifty Osei was struggling with infertility, she is now a happy mother. After Oheneyere Gifty Anti married her husband at age 45, she was finding it difficult to give birth until after two years of which she was at the age of 47 before giving birth to her first child.

These two Celebrities have proved that everything can be possible when you put your trust in God.

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