Oko Boye Visits Legacy Projects Around The Beach; Catches Some Strange Animal With His Bare Hands


Today Dr Okoe Boye visited two legacy projects being undertaken by the Akufo-Addo government in the Ledzokuku Constituency. The Storm drain at the "MORE TIME " to the Beach road stretch is one project that I am grateful to this government for.

He pushed hard for the project till it was started only for it to be caught in the contracts for sale saga aired by JOYNEWS. Today, the contract has been reawarded and is taking shape.

The Storm Drain at" MORE TIME " referred to as the Teshie Central Drain by the Technical people at the Hydrological Services Department when completed will help address Sanitation related issues as well as solve the flooding menace that affects constituents that live within the Drain's environs.

Dr Okoe Boye thanked Hon. Attah Kyea, former Works and Housing Minister, and Mr Owusu Ansah , Head of the Hydrological Services Department for indulging me. I intend to come around to request an extension of the project from the curent 180 meters to 350 meters to complete the entire stretch .

The joy of honest , heartfelt leadership is that its fruits continue to be seen even when tenure is expired.

"It is sad that due to political reasons some question the authority with which i do my monitoring. It is important for all of us to know that the most powerful person in this country is the citizen and not the politician or elected officer. Once I pay my taxes as a citizen, I am allowed to initiate projects via government agencies and to follow up on government's projects to ensure value for money. I thank God that the Landing Beach Project in Teshie is taking shape. Leadership that continues to show presence at a place despite lukewarm reception is Leadership that means well. Together Ghana shall win, Ledzokuku will overcome one day." He said

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