Nigerian Lady Who Went To Lebanon To Work As Maid Cries Out To Nigerians For Help To Return Back


A heartbreaking video of a Nigerian woman who left her country to work as a housemaid in Lebanon has gone viral, with the woman pleading for help. The woman sobbed uncontrollably as she described her experiences in the country (Lebanon) after she arrived about a year and three months ago. She said that what she wanted was a better life, but she had no idea it would turn out this way.

The lady claims that while in Nigeria, she discovered that she had a cataract in her left eye, which was causing her vision to blur, and that she needed surgery to remove the clouded lens. She explained that she couldn't get the money she wanted for the surgery in Nigeria, so she decided to go to Lebanon and work as a maid to help pay for it.

She mentioned that she has been working as a Housemaid in Lebanon for many months but that her pay is insufficient. She claims she hasn't been able to collect enough money for her surgery after working for over a year. She claims that the cataract is now spreading to her other eye, and that the people she works for are unconcerned.

"If someone dies here, the body will be thrown in a trash can and the individual will be forgotten." They just took me to a hospital and gave me an injection when I fainted at work last month. They don't give a damn whether anyone dies or not. I was simply looking for a better life; I had no idea it could be as bad as this. I've been here for over a year and a half and there is still no good food. Please, help me get back to Nigeria; I'm in Lebanon.' cries the lady.

She went on to say that her employer informed her she was free to return to Nigeria, but she refused to pay for the fare.

She said that she does not have the necessary funds to purchase the tickets and that she is dying. She claims that she can no longer see clearly with one eye and that the problem is spreading to the other. She cries out, "I don't want to die in this world."

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