" How I Became An Amputee At A Tender Age", The Touching Story Of A 500L College Of Medicine Student

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Just like any other child that was born without any deformity, with all body part intact, same was an early life's story of Akintola Sabaa, a five hundred level Dentistry and Dental Surgeon at the college of medicine, University of Ibadan who was born a complete human being without deformity until a fateful day when her life's situation changed from a complete being to a physically challenged person.

The incident that changed her status to a physically challenge person occurred when she was barely four years old, on this fateful day, she was hit by a drunk driver in front of her mother's shop at Ikirun, Osun State in 2002.

On that particular day, the driver swerved from the main road and crushed her to a pole within seconds. While her left leg was mangled, her right leg escaped with a little scratch at the ankle. The aftermath effect led to her left leg amputated as a result of the blood vessel that usually returns blood and water back to other part of the body in the affected leg that ceased to function which makes the leg to swell each time she walks or strains the leg. The Amputation was done in other to prevent any other infection which can also develop to cancer in the affected leg.

Her interest to later study a medical related courses was as a result of the interest she had developed when her left leg was amputated while the treatment of the affected part was carried out at home since her father was a practising nurse as at that rime, this made her to be familiar with some of the materials that were used in the treatment of the leg, this also encouraged her to make up her mind to be an health worker.

While making the decision that led to the choice of her course of study, Sabaa was meticulous in arriving at her choice to be a dentist haven't considered her options against other future endeavours.

Though at her early age while growing up after her amputation, Sabaa was faced with challenges and stigmatization from her peers, but she did not let those challenges to derail her life's ambition as she vowed to make a better use of her situation while venturing into other Vocational Studies as well as actively involved herself in sporting Activities.

As someone who had faced numerous challenges, Sabaa have decided to take her time in choosing a life partner who will not make her to have another traumatic experience she had has in the past but someone who will take her for who she is as and decided not to hide her identity as an amputee to anyone.

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