Chebukati Issues Tough Demands to Aspirants

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Chebukati has introduced tough demands to aspirants ahead of August Polls some of them lethal and difficult for most of the politicians to follow. Among the demands is for politicians to refrain themselves from campaigning in churches as well in places of worship as well refrain from violence.

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Chebukati has also warned politicians against using vulgar language or a language that might cause violence in the country. Chebukati is clear he will introduce which if not paid will lead to automatic disqualification of candidates.

Chebukati is clear any politicians who will contravebe his directives will have themselves to blame. He is concerned some politicians are not following the IEBC guidelines to ensure quality campaigns so that everybody can sell of their manifesto and agenda for the country.

Chebukati has vowed to remain firm to ensure his agenda is realized fully without mincing words or favoring any side. His main agenda is to ensure a free and fair elections is conducted in the 2022 general election where each team accepts a fare electoral process.

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