Mike Sonko Gets A major Backing From Kaya Elders, Reveal Crucial Link He Has With Mombasa

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Mike Mbuvi Sonko, the former troubled Nairobi County governor, has officially confirmed his candidacy for the Mombasa County governorship through the Wiper party.

His intentions to become Governor Ali Hassan Joho sparked widespread worry, with some suggesting that he is not welcome in Mombasa and that he will fail in the Coastal area.

Speaking to the media today, some Kaya elders issued a warning to politicians who are reportedly attempting to sabotage Mike Mbuvi Sonko's bid for governor of Mombasa County.

Mike Sonko, according to the Kaya elders, has the constitutional right to run for the Mombasa County governorship because he was born and raised in the coastal town.

"Sonko amezaliwa hapa, Sonko ni mtoto wetu wa hapa pwani, Sonko ana haki kikatiba (Mike Mbuvi Sonko is eligible to run for office under the Constitution.) He was born in the Coastal Region and is our son.)" The Kaya elders showed themselves.


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