Norwegians undercover Journalist blows Ghanaian officials cover over bloated COVID-19 vaccine price


A Norwegian Journalist who is with one of Norway's leading news outlets, Markus Tobiassen, has uncovered that some government Officials in the country have doubled the price of the a drug which is going to be given to citizens to fight the COVID-19 by doubling the price which it is being sold on the world market. 

This was confirmed today on Media General's 7pm news on TV3.

The undercover Journalist was the same Journalist who uncovered Ghana's Ameri power plant during the power crisis years back. 

According to him, he has uncovered a web of middle men and companies who are on the verge of acquiring and selling some 350,000 Russian Sputnik V Coronavirus vaccine to the nation at an outrageous amount. 

The Coronavirus pandemic which came from Wuhan, China in 2019 has been a novel virus which has killed millions of people worldwide with the USA, India, and Brazil, among the countries whose citizens have died in huge numbers as a result.

Concerned institutions in the health sector combined forces worldwide to work with politicians and global leaders to help curb this ailment. As a result, many nations have developed various vaccines to help the human body fight against the airborne disease. 

Such nations that were able to develop vaccines to boost one's immune system and curb the spread include the USA, Great Britain, Germany, China, Russia, and other developed nations have been able to do enough research into the virus and as a result, come out with vaccines that is able to increase the strength of one's immunity to fight it. 

Ghana, and many other African nations have no option than to fall on what these nations have developed and approved by the World Health Organization (WHO), buy them in huge quantities for the citizenry.

It is as a result of this that the Norwegian Journalist has uncovered such a shocking blow and he is therefore asking the Finance Minister, Ken Ofori Atta, Health Minister, and other stakeholders to come and explain to Ghanaians why they are seen to be doing such 'harm to their people' by bloating the price of the drugs rather than selling it as it is on the international market. 

Ghana is expected to receive a 1 million dose of the Russian COVID-19 vaccine to help fight the disease in the country.