If You Are Between The Ages Of 18 To 30, This Is For You.

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If you find yourself within this age range (18-30), this is a very important article for you to read. You were once a baby on your mom's laps and couldn't do anything on your own. Gradually, you started crawling on your knees and subsequently begin to walk as time went by.

The reality in this life we are living is that, we are on a journey and surely, each and everyone one of us will reach our destination in no time. The end results of your journey depends on your present now. Remember that there are two things involve in the outcome of your journey, success and failure.

Every successful person you see out there has a story. Ask yourself how do you also get your own story. Stories are not manufactured in the factories nor bought at the market place, but you rather create them for yourself. Every minute and seconds that pass by in your life forms your story. Stories are generated by the struggles and occurences you go through in daily activities to become successful. Be mindful that the everyday happenings will one day be collectively gathered and given a name "biography".

The woman who breastfeeded you when you were an infant will one day become weak and old, she will be looking into your eyes, you are her last hope in this world. Do not let her down with failure. Your wife and kids will look up to you for their needs, don't mess up your future in this current year range (18-30). It hurts a lot to be in poverty.

Live your life with hopes and determinations. Set up your goals and work harder towards achieving them. The friends and relatives you see around cannot help you when you fail in life, but rather give excuses. This world is a battle ground, you are given all the needed weapons, it is left on to you to claim your victory before your weapons deplete.

If you fail to have a target before 30 years, you are most likely to become confuse and stranded in life.

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